Monday, June 11, 2012

Tough skin is a must...

Its hard being a writer you have to have some VERY, VERY tough skin. The reviewers can help or hurt your book. I for one feel like constructive criticism is better than saying "It was just horrible"(And trust me it has been said about my writing...eeek). I do believe my first review was horrible flat out horrible, but then my second one was constructive and fair. Hey I write Erotica so there is a lot of hardcore sex in it(And by Goddess there nothing better than some hardcore extreme sex with supernatural beings...) . I just have to work harder on the formatting and proofreading so back to work. I mean 600 copies sold within the first three weeks of its release isn't bad. I know the next book will be better in the series. I'm happy that some people enjoyed Forbidden Fruit and Egyptian Heat and my sarcastic sadistic sense of humor and my sexual by plays. So back to work for me.

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