Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprise, Surprise ---I'm a African American Norse Wiccan Witch.. What has the magick world come too?

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FLIPPING HARRY POTTER...? Of course you did, but he is white and I'm black so that really throws a monkey wrench in your close minded thoughts. Sorry to have to say this "but there be black folk in the craft too...Yes sir it surely do"... Society is a melting pot within a melting pot that is the universe. There are so many different religions, cultures and so on. Yet the shock factor is always there no matter what you do. Assumption is how people really do make asses out of themselves. The assumption of believing that witchcraft is just for whites is a assumption that is main stream bullshit. I know of a lot of African Americans in the craft, but the sad thing is it just not other races that bombard us with the dumb ass statements "I didn't know black people were witches ..." this is when irritation follows after hearing this from people of my own race hell any race (Jackasses...Just saying...). It's different when you're outside the box of normalcy that people label you weird or devil worshiper(Hello Pagan don't believe in Satan...). Then again its the age old problem people like to stay in their bubble and never venture out. I have never been one for being trapped in a bubble especially with my sexuality and religion. Its funny when people find out I'm a dominatrix they assume I'm having massive orgies and beating the living hell out someone. (Now now what did we say about assumptions...tsk tsk) I have a lot strikes against me, but I do love challenges... No for real I do ask any of my exes my challenge was to get rid of them and now I'm single(You are the weakest link ...Goodbye)...Even though I claim the Norse Pantheons and also the Wiccan Deities there is always doubt of how can I claim the two. Easy because I am a Earth Magick Witch/Warrior. My seed of spiritual awakening and growth is planted within the earth and grows by the Goddesses love as well as the Gods strength. I'm no different from anyone else except I'm open and willing to receive what knowledge is granted to me by the Gods. My point is race and sex are nothing but words. Maybe next time try to look past it and really understand the person from within. A heart is a fragile thing, but love can be unconditional and give you the strength that moves planets.... Blessed Be )O(Wassail

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