Shadow Realm (The world between mortality & Immortality)

"Through thought and imagination let the realm of mortals slip away. Enter the world of Gods,Goddesses, Magick, Fae, Witches, and so much more.... What if everything you thought was myth,dreams, and imagination became real... what would you do? Now you will enter my Realm and experience the Realms of Magick and the many hidden doorways around the world and take a life changing adventure into the inbetween in the Shadow Realm." 

This is my story of how my dreams became reality and I became a Queen. Yup you've read correctly I became a Warrior Queen matter of factually. It's an unbelievable tale hell I can't still believe it, but here I am sitting on a throne in my magical castle in Atlantis bordering Avalon in between two powerful realms in which I rule. I remembered when my hardest decisions were to be single or date again and now I maybe on the brink of war with the mortal realm. Just have to love the government.... Not!!! Let me not get ahead of myself because to even reached the present I have to take you back to the past when it all started and my life really started to have issues. I almost forgotten... my name is Shadowstorm Norwicca or as my people call me Queen Shadowstorm... You know that still sounds weird coming out my mouth.... I'm rambling again sorry... 

This sure hell anit the trip down the Rabbit hole Storm...

"Why is it so hard to go to sleep and why am I talking to myself again?"

 Maybe because my dreams feel to real and if I tell anyone that some sexy half dressed psycho angel visits me in my dreams telling me I have a destiny to fulfill. They probably call the men in the white coats and put me in a padded cell. I'm so tired and the bed is definetly calling me. The sad part is that I enjoy the sexy psycho visiting me in my dreams. This is utterly depressing that the only time I can touch a man like that he is an figment of my imagination. So very sad... true, but so sad. Goddess my eyes are burning maybe if I close them for a few seconds they will feel better.

"Shit.... why did I close my eyes?"

"Hello chosen one..."

"Not you again really..." as if I was really bothered about him being in my dreams. I could look at that chiseled face, kissable lips, aquamarine eyes, and long blonde hair for the rest of my flipping life. Who was I kidding its been so long since I've been with a man and he was just staring at me and I am ready to pop. Good thing he can't read my mind... Wait can he? I mean this is my dream and all. Did he just crack a smile? Just great...

"Don't be embarrassed chosen one I couldn't be tempted into sin so there is no worries..."

I do believe my mouth hit the floor as my eyes bulged out their damn sockets. He just insulted me with the truth... Wow he knew how to crush a girls self-esteem. Where is the lake when you need one... so I can drown myself because I do believe my dream just became a nightmare... Men...

He began moving closer and I moved backwards. We played this game until I came against a wall and may I add that thewall wasn't there before. I turned around to investigate and when I turned back my face slammed into another wall... well not quite a wall, but a hard muscular shirtless chest. Yes I'm drooling, but hell my dreams don't usually feel this damn real. It seemed like hours before I decided to look up into his face. Now that I'm looking I wish I didn't because those eyes were mesmerizing. 

"Um... maybe you should move back a little..." as if that's what I wanted, but I couldn't think with him this close. I was on the boinking point of straddling him. He may not be tempted into sin, but I have multiple sinful thoughts running through my mind. What a crappy dream... I don't even get to get laid. This blows. 

He stared at the chosen warrior queen and wondered how the Gods thought she was the one to bring peace within the realms. He wasn't one to question the his God or any other, but this mortal was fixated on his outer shell and didn't see past it to the ancient light that call to her. It was quite unnerving and becoming irritating. He would give her space, but he needed to began the process of power and her obsession of  her fleshly needs were just an hindrance to the process.

Okay now since he was a few feet away maybe my hormones will stop doing the happy ,happy ,joy ,joy dance. Taking a deep breath and putting my shields up made me feel so much better. Now that my emotions were in check and I felt back in control. Hey the benefits of being a witch were awesome. 

Very interesting... he was impressed how much control she had over her earthly powers. He had to wonder how she will control her otherwordly powers gifted by the Gods. 

"Enough with the stare down... What do you want, who are you and I prefer to be dreaming of other things instead of you..." yes I was telling the truth...not...

I  really was starting to hate when he stared at me and I could've sworn he was probing my shields, but this was a weird dream so whatever. He couldn't believe it he couldn't past her mental blocks. This is all the proof he needed before the conversation went any further. 

"Well does it matter what order I go in?" 

"What in the world...just answer them ...geesh.." he smiled and she rolled her eyes. 

"Alright... I'm know as the general for heavens army and I'm the messenger for the Gods to grant powers to the chosen warrior queen..." 


"You are the chosen..." 

"What!!!... Suuuure I am..."

 "It is an honor to be given favor by the Gods..." 

"Just wait a damn minute... this has got to be some joke or maybe I am caffeine deprived... and you said you are the the general of heaven's army right?" he nodded

"Well see you have the wrong person because I'm a witch... you know Pagan...because if your the general that means your the Archangel Michael right..." he nodded again and tried to speak, but I wasn't having it at this moment. 

"As a matter of fact the last time we had a run in you told, I mean you threaten me to stop dabbling into Angelic magick...which by the was rude and you need to find other ways of talking to me other than my dreams." she was unbelievable.

"May I speak?"


"The reason I'm in your dreams is because you're open to hearing me then and as much as your usual rants about me they have become old. I'm still her to protect you until you are able use your powers."

 "What powers?" 

"Really ... you do have powers in this realm?"
 I was not answering that... yes I'm stubborn, but so what its my dream.

"Your earthly powers haven't change as of late chosen one..."was that a question or statement. I'm confused. By the confused look on her face he believed he lost her. "It was a question Chosen one..." well he didn't have sounds so irritated.

"My name isn't chosen one its Storm and no..." he eyebrows lifted in disbelief. Well he is Angel may as well fess up. "Okay maybe a little bit... I can feel more of peoples emotion and suck out there pain." 

"That's it?" wasn't he nosy...

"Fine I can call the elements well at least some of them and use them when I'm not casting... satisfied now?"


"Now why are you...who by the way isn't Pagan in anyway have to protect me... I mean I would've prefer someone like Thor..." I would've gotten laid then... let go a A-viking. The image alone was sexy as hell. Michael cleared his throat not just to get her attention back, but to shake off the twinge of jealousy. This woman was making his crazy. 

"One I maybe an archangel and yes I serve one God, but because of the situation the other Gods have banded together to bring home the warrior Queen." 


"As for Thor I'm sure he has Godlike duties to attend too..." what bug crawled up his ass? 

"Whatever... Look I really hate to talk and wake, but I do believe I've reached my limit of insanity for one dream. So lets say farewell and see you around..." I hope not this angel was nuts.

 He walked closer and touched my face. Oh damn there goes my hormones again. "Such youth and so much power ... I will protect you Storm, but I must give you this gift..." why did he look so sad now... 

"Aaagh... the hell!" he knew her mortal body was in pain because she was receiving immortal powers. He wish he could bare the burden of the pain, but it wasn't his to bare. He gripped her close to his chest as his inner light elope her and his wings embraced her to give her comfort. "I'm so sorry... forgive me..." between the gift that just kept on giving from Michael dear and the whole sensation of my blood boiling in my veins... sorry wasn't what I wanted hear. After awhile the pain seem to disappear as fast as it came. I was going to kill him and he was trying to be loving and embrace me and here I am in a no loving mood.

 "SONOFABITCH..." that was his only warning before he felt the a tree hit his jaw and he was thrown into the wall.

 "If you ever touch a single fucking hair on me again your God will be without his right hand man." once the clouds and stars stop spinning in front of him he focused and realize this woman had gotten the best of him... and he didn't like it one bit. Before he could control his temper his flaming sword was at her throat.

"That will be your last time to ever attack me or I will end your very existence before you can blink." he just threaten me the sorry winged freak. 

He watched in terror as she grip the sword and knowing his flames were deadly..."Don't..." it was his turn and his mouth hit the floor. He watched as his powerful charge extinguished his flame like a matchstick. 

"What in the name of God are you?" for a minute I was scare, but then I was back mad. 

"What do you mean what am I? Aren't I the chosen warrior queen and all that bullshit. I tell you what I'm going to wake up and pretend you are just a figment of my imagination on my bipolar side." 

I turned I  just knew there  was an exit around here somewhere. He reached out and grabbed her. "I'm sorry..." 

"Whatever... I just want out of the crazy dream..." if only it was that simple he thought.

"You will soon wake Storm, but I shall return every night..." 

"For the love of Cronus balls... are you trying to sabotage my dream sex life?... Fine I just won't sleep..." he just didn't understand this woman and he was ready to be killed by the Gods because he wanted to strangle her. Stubborn Wench...

"So be it then I will come to your realm." 

"Sure thing there sexy cakes..." I like how his brow shot up..."You just do that and while you at it don't forget to bring flowers I like roses preferably red." he watched as she exited her dream and shook his head. 

"Sexy cakes... at the end of this I will be killed by the Gods, but not before I wrap my hands around her tempting little throat." now he smiled as he began the journey home.

"Damn I was drooling. What time is it?"

Of course it six'o clock  in the morning and may I add one of the worst dreams ever. Even in my dreams men frustrate me. Let me go take a shower and wash the nightmare away.

"I hate looking at myself in the mirror in the morning sometimes I scare myself..." "whoa wait a cotton picking minute is that a damn burn mark...on my throat... it is?" this isn't happening and that dream... him..."SONOFABITCH!!!!" far off in the heavens there was a chuckle that she recognized.


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