Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Erotic = Hidden Desires....What is your Erotic reading fantasy?

Erotica is a genre of expression and sensual forbidden desires. I know a lot of people turn a blind eye to erotica because of its extreme sexual nature. The erotica genre gives you the sense of freedom from the norm. What is the norm you ask... it is everyday life that is acceptable to society. These authors take you into there worlds of pleasure.... the ultimate domination of the senses. Almost like an overload of ecstasy and you are devoured into every guilty pleasure there is without the regret and embarrassment... (How great is that...I'm just saying...). The bookshelves, kindles, nooks, iPad are filled with books that open the desires of many and leave them hungry for more. Isn't that what we crave...the forbidden without the consequences? Words that are well written can transport us into the story. Our favorite story can place us into the minds of our favorite heroine or heroes. (Would love to be Anita Blake for a few days...) Erotica Authors like Vivi Anna(Bad to the Bone), Samantha Bates(Sliver Alpha: The Sliver series), Primula Bates(Out of Focus), Felicity Heaton (Reunion). Then there are the Authors who dabble into Erotica with BDSM, and Smut undertones. Such as Denyse Bridger(Glass Slipper and Jeweled Masques: Erotic Cinderella fairytale), Brindle Chase(The Dark Embrace), Tracey H. Kitts(Eaten by the Wolf), and Red Phoenix(Brie's first class of submissive training). These authors words are a voyeurism into the world of eroticism and we the readers and writers fall head first.  What is a book, but an escape into the world of desire and fantasy... In other words live a little and indulge your mind, body and soul with passion. 

As an author who likes to indulge into the world of eroticism I leave you with a brief taste of my upcoming Trilogy book 1 The House of the Fire Dragons...

"My thoughts seem to wander over a man who is claimed, but yet I yearn for a sweet taste of his forbidden. Such wrongness in wanting what isn't mine, but such rightness in the way his words drip along my flesh like raw honey. I take what is offered, but wanting so much more. Your sweet lips and your skin taste so delicious on my tongue and ignites a fire that burns to my very core. What I want is something I can't have... You covenant your secrets, but I know the truth... I see with my heart and really know you. Our pleasures make the sunrise and our climax is a sunset, the beauty is inspiring and for everyone to see. Between my thighs is a thirsty flower and only your watery juices will bloom its beauty..." excerpt from The House of the Fire Dragons by Shadowstorm Norwicca

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