Monday, June 11, 2012

Just another day, but with a silver lining...

Okay its been a while since I blog so let me get you up to speed. Not engaged anymore boo for me!!! I'm now focusing my time on my book reviews, e-magazines(Book Reviewers Roundtable and Bloggers haven), social networks(shadowrealm and Atlantian world), and writing. Speaking of writing I'm writing my first Fantasy/Sci-fi novel. The plot is built around and centered between two realms the new Avalon and Atlantis. So I hope it has a good reception when I'm done. The ups and downs have been a constant thing, but I look towards the future and see a big bright horizon out there. I have to say that reading some of my fellow authors writings have been a pleasure and some not so much, but I respect them none the less. Well I guess I've ranted enough for today and maybe I'll catch up with you guys later. MUAH!!!

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