Monday, June 11, 2012

Love has a very large canvas....

I wrote all the way till the sun was on my window seal... Its funny how time gets away from you when you are writing. You are so engrossed in the chapters nothing else matters. I will give you guys a little excerpt from Blood Ties. Its not a chapter just a poem that leads into chapter one.

The sky cascades around me a symphony of colors; as the sun sets on the horizon. Laying my heart in a field of memories as I await a love that has touched my soul deeply. My heart yearns for a life that's untainted. I reach along the ripples of time to bring you back to me. The wind whispers your name in a caress that sends shivers down my spine. The flowers touch my bare skin and the scent of each bloom reminds me of you. I will lay in the field of dreams awaiting a love that isn't apart of time... it's infinity; a forever love. We have flourished and awaken in the blooming flowers... Our love is like a awakening rose and the beauty is there for all to see..

I just love how love can paint so many different pictures... 

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