Monday, June 11, 2012

Daily thoughts and craziness...

After my first book I decided... No I know I could do better. This series has a story that needs to be told. If you're going to do something don't do it half ass... I've read and reread my words so for, it feels like it's coming more from me instead of so many outside influences. I know I have the potential to be an amazing writer and no I don't have a college degree in writing or anything of that nature, but I have determination, and imagination and spunk!!!!(Okay a lot of spunk) My writing just flows from my mind and I type it on the screen as it comes. Now of course grammar issues always arises, but hey I'm not perfect. I love what I have so far and I feel like this story is evolving into the story I dreamed of....Sigh...(Pausing for sentimental moment)... When I think of my characters my imagination is endless. So stay tune till next time.

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