Deepest Desires(+18yrs-up...)

Sensual longing eyes that look into the depths of my soul. My heart is the music that sways my body to an ancient rhythm of mating. Within my spirit I feel the universe as you take me to a level of ecstasy. How can I maintain this pleasure when the fire you make turns into an inferno burning so bright. My needs are your wants and my pleasure is your pain. My pleasure climbs to new heights and are higher than the heavens and my body sings in the abyss of sweet pain. Take what you will of me for I'm a slave to my own desires. Caressing your thoughts like a gentle breeze as I touch you with just the slightest touch of my energy. I slide along your body with slow movements as the trickle of my intentions ease around your body. I touch you in places that aren't thought of, but tonight I make you mine. I lazily roll my passions up and down your body. I feel your heart along my breast as I breathe in your scent. I allow my mind to reach you and take you from the mundane to my realm of pleasure. Every whimper entices me and leaves me wanting more. I control each movement and take what is freely given. I want what is calling to my fire and I burn us both in the flames pure ecstasy. Sliding into my mind like a ghost of pleasure. You touch every part of my imagination with your sensual intent and I succumb to passions that only my dreams have ever manifested. Every part of my mind is clouded with ecstasy and sensations of reality are just an after thought. Caught in a web of chaotic lust that sends me spiraling into the abyss of a little death. You awaken a longing in my body that yearns to be dominated and possessed. Your body never touches mine only your words and sweet whispers sends me from this mortal world. I whimper as you withdraw such a addictive feeling of sensual abandonment. You are my sexual sandman. So addictive are your lips that inspire passion in my soul. Wandering hands that roam your soft skin as you embrace me with your energy. Quivering to my core from just your hold as your taste devours my senses. The pleasure isn't just pleasing it's possessing me. Tormenting my mind with your eyes and you see more than many can see. I want and yearn for desire to consume my very being. Your soul burrows deep within and is connected to the very core of me. My inner thighs melt on your tongue as I quench your thirst with just one delicious wave. Taking my time enjoying the rhythm as you dive deep within. Lingering on my taste and overwhelming my senses with pleasure beyond reason. I shake and quiver as you take me over and over again. Lust is just a word that I can't comprehend, but ecstasy has beaten me down leaving me limp. I may not ever have this again, but I relish in the sweet sensual smell that covers your lips. My essence slides over your tongue and marks you as you taste my forbidden fruit. Taste till your desires are meet and we will part on sweet nectar's kiss...

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