Thursday, June 21, 2012

How hot can it get? An inferno I tell ya! Whoa Mama...

Let us chat about Author Delilah Devin... Her words and stories are what paranormal romance thrives on. Sensuality, secrets and the forbidden supernatural. I was thrown into her My Immortal Knight series and haven't stop reading. The first book All Hallows Heartbreaker draw me in hook, line, and sinker.(I'm just saying).... This is a must read(More than likely alone so you can drool or maybe not alone give your significant other a reason to whistle in the morning...wink)... So here is my review for book 1 in the Immortal Knights series.

Emmaline Harris is a woman wanting to break away from the norm(reluctantly). When her best friend convinces her to dress as a sexy vampyre for a Halloween party things seem to go from an bad idea to an even worst idea in a matter of minutes. She is man handled by her friends new beau Nicky. She tells the creep she has an boyfriend and uses her imagination and spins a tale of her dream guy. To her surprise her imagination is real and pulling her from Nicky's clutches. Dylan O'Hara smelled her human scent when she walked through the door of his establishment and knew it could mean a lot of trouble. What he didn't count on was the pull she would have on his blood lust, heart, and groin. Wanting to mark her as his he takes every step possible to have her and keep her safe. Emmaline didn't know sexy vampyres existed, but now she is caught not only by his body, but also his fangs.

I think full figured woman everywhere should be shouting "I am sexy hear me roar...!" and give a big thanks to Mrs. Delilah Devin. She gave the sexy back to us full figured gals. Hey the damsel in distress doesn't have to look like an runway model. The passion in each word makes a gal want to hit all the city vamp clubs and find her own Dylan. This book scores high five on the Sex O Meter. 

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