Friday, June 22, 2012

Lords of Bondage series is total Awesomeness...

Author Corinne Balfour has given women the power to have harems, hotties(biggums), and political standing in a society built around them. In her series The Lords of Bondage is a roller coaster of  speed bumps, turns and paranormal. Here is my review for Dark Lord: Part One(Lords of Bondage):

Briella Avenai is half sister to the Countess Nefertiti (Who by the way is a couple screws short of a set...I'm just saying)she is not the average Flourdan woman. (She doesn't look like she dines on steroids for breakfast...geesh)After throwing herself at the mercy of her tyrant sister she meets her sisters newest harem member Lord Devereux Langley. He is of a royal bloodline grandson to the Queen and son to Princess Crimson.

Lord Devereux Langley isn't the Nordic embodiment of a Flourdan male. His dark hair, tanned skin and ever changing eye color makes him stand out.(Not mention his outspoken manner to tell royals not just no, but Hell No!!!)He is a rebel against the society he was breed for and he makes it known on a regular. He is hounded by Nefertiti's advances and is truly disgusted by the lunatic Countess.(Not mention her hard muscles and over powering stench...Ewww!!!)Only one woman has caught his eye and that is the luscious Briella and her soft womanly curves. Devereux has a secret he is hiding and a desire for Briella by the way both could make him lose his manhood...(Especially since this is his last chance... Yes his mother said so) No seriously just check the eunuch army...(That's harsh!!!)

Briella is thrown into a plot that her sister plans in an attempt to gain more power and Briella is trying not to botch it up(or her sister will punish her... so much for sisterly love...) she is captured not once, but twice...(Bad luck o gal...) Her last abductors are different in the sense one has fangs and venom oozing from them. (Great...Really bad luck)... Briella finds herself attracted to the fang wonder and feeling overly hot when she feels the pinch from the fangs of this masked red eye devil on her neck. Briella may just find out that an hybrid is closer than everyone thinks.

On an alternate Earth where women rule with an iron fist(Yup loved that part...) and men are told and placed in the royal houses of society by their mothers or queen. Oh let me not forget the Celtic alien hybrid/Barbarians race who fight amongst themselves and the Romans on the outer borders. I clearly enjoyed this tale and envied the women in the story. What woman wouldn't want a harem of men...(I'm so in line for this...) A very good start and now I begin onto part two. The excitement started at the beginning and left you wanting more. This is a five star hot read.

Check out  Dark Lord: Part Two & Three and Deceptive Lord(Lords of Bondage) on Amazon.

Dominatrix's Kiss

Here is a very very short story of seduction and sure isn't for the sexually challenged(or aroused handicapped...I'm just saying)

Follow my lead as I seduce your eyes unleashing untapped desires. My fingertips trail my lips they are so plush and soft. Traveling down my neck, down my breast and your hands can only grip the armrest. You are at my mercy tied to the chair and only your eyes can embrace me. Do you see the fullness of my breast as I cup them and the pucker of my nipples as I arouse them? Do you wish your lips to suckle them? Traveling further down my stomach and caressing my skin lightly as I stare into your eyes. My hands touch my hips feeling all my womanly you see them? I turn so you can see my luscious ass as it ripples as I spank each wish to punish me...but all you can do is stare at me hungrily. Yes you want me, but you can't have me yet. I touch my inner thigh slowly reaching downward caressing my ankles and slowly I work my way back to my inner thighs. The closer I get to my heated wetness your breathing becomes rapid and your body hardens. The look of sexual distress creases your brows. I'm so wet do you wish to see? My gentle touch arouses me. I touch myself slowly and sensually the wetness glistens on my fingertips. Your moans of yearning are heard, but this is my own controlled world. Dipping into sweet nectar's bliss as you contain your lust in balled up fists. Wanting what you can't touch or have I do love being so bad. Slowly my fingers disappear inside as my burning desire come apart and back alive. I give you a show that leaves you throbbing for more and yet you sit watching helpless to my tease. My fingers hover over your lips and I move away as you open wide. You want a taste of me, but you will wait because you aren't ready for a Dominatrix kiss.

Now that's something you don't read about everyday.... Just a taste of the wickedness in the mind Shadowstorm Norwicca's mind...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How hot can it get? An inferno I tell ya! Whoa Mama...

Let us chat about Author Delilah Devin... Her words and stories are what paranormal romance thrives on. Sensuality, secrets and the forbidden supernatural. I was thrown into her My Immortal Knight series and haven't stop reading. The first book All Hallows Heartbreaker draw me in hook, line, and sinker.(I'm just saying).... This is a must read(More than likely alone so you can drool or maybe not alone give your significant other a reason to whistle in the morning...wink)... So here is my review for book 1 in the Immortal Knights series.

Emmaline Harris is a woman wanting to break away from the norm(reluctantly). When her best friend convinces her to dress as a sexy vampyre for a Halloween party things seem to go from an bad idea to an even worst idea in a matter of minutes. She is man handled by her friends new beau Nicky. She tells the creep she has an boyfriend and uses her imagination and spins a tale of her dream guy. To her surprise her imagination is real and pulling her from Nicky's clutches. Dylan O'Hara smelled her human scent when she walked through the door of his establishment and knew it could mean a lot of trouble. What he didn't count on was the pull she would have on his blood lust, heart, and groin. Wanting to mark her as his he takes every step possible to have her and keep her safe. Emmaline didn't know sexy vampyres existed, but now she is caught not only by his body, but also his fangs.

I think full figured woman everywhere should be shouting "I am sexy hear me roar...!" and give a big thanks to Mrs. Delilah Devin. She gave the sexy back to us full figured gals. Hey the damsel in distress doesn't have to look like an runway model. The passion in each word makes a gal want to hit all the city vamp clubs and find her own Dylan. This book scores high five on the Sex O Meter. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Erotic = Hidden Desires....What is your Erotic reading fantasy?

Erotica is a genre of expression and sensual forbidden desires. I know a lot of people turn a blind eye to erotica because of its extreme sexual nature. The erotica genre gives you the sense of freedom from the norm. What is the norm you ask... it is everyday life that is acceptable to society. These authors take you into there worlds of pleasure.... the ultimate domination of the senses. Almost like an overload of ecstasy and you are devoured into every guilty pleasure there is without the regret and embarrassment... (How great is that...I'm just saying...). The bookshelves, kindles, nooks, iPad are filled with books that open the desires of many and leave them hungry for more. Isn't that what we crave...the forbidden without the consequences? Words that are well written can transport us into the story. Our favorite story can place us into the minds of our favorite heroine or heroes. (Would love to be Anita Blake for a few days...) Erotica Authors like Vivi Anna(Bad to the Bone), Samantha Bates(Sliver Alpha: The Sliver series), Primula Bates(Out of Focus), Felicity Heaton (Reunion). Then there are the Authors who dabble into Erotica with BDSM, and Smut undertones. Such as Denyse Bridger(Glass Slipper and Jeweled Masques: Erotic Cinderella fairytale), Brindle Chase(The Dark Embrace), Tracey H. Kitts(Eaten by the Wolf), and Red Phoenix(Brie's first class of submissive training). These authors words are a voyeurism into the world of eroticism and we the readers and writers fall head first.  What is a book, but an escape into the world of desire and fantasy... In other words live a little and indulge your mind, body and soul with passion. 

As an author who likes to indulge into the world of eroticism I leave you with a brief taste of my upcoming Trilogy book 1 The House of the Fire Dragons...

"My thoughts seem to wander over a man who is claimed, but yet I yearn for a sweet taste of his forbidden. Such wrongness in wanting what isn't mine, but such rightness in the way his words drip along my flesh like raw honey. I take what is offered, but wanting so much more. Your sweet lips and your skin taste so delicious on my tongue and ignites a fire that burns to my very core. What I want is something I can't have... You covenant your secrets, but I know the truth... I see with my heart and really know you. Our pleasures make the sunrise and our climax is a sunset, the beauty is inspiring and for everyone to see. Between my thighs is a thirsty flower and only your watery juices will bloom its beauty..." excerpt from The House of the Fire Dragons by Shadowstorm Norwicca

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paranormal Romance where art thou?

Lately every mainstream movie lot is filled with next big paranormal movie based on a series from some well known author...(Yup best sellers of course...). What about the unsigned author or the series whom we love to read, but isn't well known unless its on sites like Goodreads or Shelfari(I'm just saying...). The days of Anne Rice, Lora Leigh, and Kate Macallester are what open doors for some of the new authors who stories are just as good and sometimes better in my opinion. 

Where have all the sexy heroes gone?

 I've just read the Tears of Crimson series and I have to say wow!!!! This series gives Charlene Harris (True Blood) a run for its money. Michelle Hughes really put the sexy back in vampires and hot, hot, (did I say hot) sexual domination in every character and scene. From the beginning I was fanning myself and at the end I was drooling...(Hello Gabriel). Then there is Lisa Renee Jones Underground Guardian series which makes Lora Leigh Breeds look like a bunch of domesticated cats(I'm just saying). 

Amazon's freebies(Yes I said freebies) has given the readers, bloggers, reviewers and writers a place to meet and form a new bond.  There are many more of the unsung authors out there and not enough marketing to go around. So instead of all the same ole paranormal endings and romantic undertones try to explore and venture to the darkside... There is a whole new world of paranormal and all you have to do is click, download and enjoy. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprise, Surprise ---I'm a African American Norse Wiccan Witch.. What has the magick world come too?

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FLIPPING HARRY POTTER...? Of course you did, but he is white and I'm black so that really throws a monkey wrench in your close minded thoughts. Sorry to have to say this "but there be black folk in the craft too...Yes sir it surely do"... Society is a melting pot within a melting pot that is the universe. There are so many different religions, cultures and so on. Yet the shock factor is always there no matter what you do. Assumption is how people really do make asses out of themselves. The assumption of believing that witchcraft is just for whites is a assumption that is main stream bullshit. I know of a lot of African Americans in the craft, but the sad thing is it just not other races that bombard us with the dumb ass statements "I didn't know black people were witches ..." this is when irritation follows after hearing this from people of my own race hell any race (Jackasses...Just saying...). It's different when you're outside the box of normalcy that people label you weird or devil worshiper(Hello Pagan don't believe in Satan...). Then again its the age old problem people like to stay in their bubble and never venture out. I have never been one for being trapped in a bubble especially with my sexuality and religion. Its funny when people find out I'm a dominatrix they assume I'm having massive orgies and beating the living hell out someone. (Now now what did we say about assumptions...tsk tsk) I have a lot strikes against me, but I do love challenges... No for real I do ask any of my exes my challenge was to get rid of them and now I'm single(You are the weakest link ...Goodbye)...Even though I claim the Norse Pantheons and also the Wiccan Deities there is always doubt of how can I claim the two. Easy because I am a Earth Magick Witch/Warrior. My seed of spiritual awakening and growth is planted within the earth and grows by the Goddesses love as well as the Gods strength. I'm no different from anyone else except I'm open and willing to receive what knowledge is granted to me by the Gods. My point is race and sex are nothing but words. Maybe next time try to look past it and really understand the person from within. A heart is a fragile thing, but love can be unconditional and give you the strength that moves planets.... Blessed Be )O(Wassail

Its so hard to say goodbye to paperback!!!

Well the book industry just seems to be doing a ropeadope on sales(did I mention the economy sucks ass!!!). What I mean by that is what happen to the good old fashion paperbacks? I love paperbacks and yet here I am on my kindle with over 1000 books loaded to it. I'm such a traitor(No lets be realistic I have more room in my home without twenty bookshelves everywhere). I try to make my own books available for paperback and Kindle, but who am I kidding I prefer kindle. Where does that leave the paperback market? I'm just saying with all the freebies from Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords(In no way I'm complaining...) out there for kindle who needs paperbacks. Yes the paperback is a dying breed and the new technology has pushed it to relic status... Kindle books are more affordable(Okay some Authors of best seller status do keep their Kindle prices the same as their paperback... Not cool give us poor suffering readers a break would ya...If you haven't notice the economy sucks ass!!!) That leaves me to wonder is this the end for our paperback companions and will we be cuddled up to our heroines and heroes on our Kindles instead of a paperback book? Well its a new age of reading and writing, but have we forgotten about our humble beginnings into the worlds that comforted us and were written on paper? There has been change a coming in the world of printing, writing, sales and marketing. I guess its a situation of getting on the band wagon or fighting for the lone paperback. Well I like both, but I've noticed that there are less copies of my favorite authors in bookstores, but I see them everywhere for kindle. What a sad fate for the paperback(sigh) farewell my old friend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Love has a very large canvas....

I wrote all the way till the sun was on my window seal... Its funny how time gets away from you when you are writing. You are so engrossed in the chapters nothing else matters. I will give you guys a little excerpt from Blood Ties. Its not a chapter just a poem that leads into chapter one.

The sky cascades around me a symphony of colors; as the sun sets on the horizon. Laying my heart in a field of memories as I await a love that has touched my soul deeply. My heart yearns for a life that's untainted. I reach along the ripples of time to bring you back to me. The wind whispers your name in a caress that sends shivers down my spine. The flowers touch my bare skin and the scent of each bloom reminds me of you. I will lay in the field of dreams awaiting a love that isn't apart of time... it's infinity; a forever love. We have flourished and awaken in the blooming flowers... Our love is like a awakening rose and the beauty is there for all to see..

I just love how love can paint so many different pictures... 

Holy Thor and Medusa snakes...Geesh!

Revision hell.... I'm in a nightmare I tell you and the fact I revised my first book nine times till it was good enough for me just call me a little ocd okay can't help it. Oh Please!!!!  A bad review makes me want to work harder(As if it wouldn't put you on edge) and believe me I will with every book coming out of my series. My goal is to be like Nora Roberts and have books come out back to back to back. My first book may go through revisions(Rolling my eyes...Hell has no fury like an grammatically incorrect book),  but I rather have two mistakes rather than 10,000...(For the love of Hera could it get any worst? Of course it can... Where the hell is my coffeee...) So I hope you all keep up with me and welcome to my journey as a new author...

Tough skin is a must...

Its hard being a writer you have to have some VERY, VERY tough skin. The reviewers can help or hurt your book. I for one feel like constructive criticism is better than saying "It was just horrible"(And trust me it has been said about my writing...eeek). I do believe my first review was horrible flat out horrible, but then my second one was constructive and fair. Hey I write Erotica so there is a lot of hardcore sex in it(And by Goddess there nothing better than some hardcore extreme sex with supernatural beings...) . I just have to work harder on the formatting and proofreading so back to work. I mean 600 copies sold within the first three weeks of its release isn't bad. I know the next book will be better in the series. I'm happy that some people enjoyed Forbidden Fruit and Egyptian Heat and my sarcastic sadistic sense of humor and my sexual by plays. So back to work for me.

A Norwiccan Author work is never done...

I've been back to work. Working on the second book of my series(I did the prequel to Blood ties...funny haven't gotten Blood Ties out yet...). The title for the next installment in the Sisterhood of Darkness series is Blood Ties. This story is about Isis and Osiris/Beelzebub. If you'd read the first book you know exactly whom I'm referring to. I'm also in the beginning phase of my new series The Warriors of the Earth. This will be a paranormal romance series based off of  the Native American legends of the Skin Walkers and the Shadow Walkers..  A new year and new stories I love it. 

Death to Smoochy.... or Storm...Yikes

I find myself being pulled to write my first book of my Warriors of the Earth series. This will be a Shadowwalker/Skinwalker series. Its like when something calls to you and you just have to go with it. This story wants to be written so who am I to turn a blind eye. I've never written two books hell alone two series at the same time. Well lets hope for best

Extra, Extra

Starting in March I will be accepting inquires for authors who would like to promote their books live on my new radio show " Words have meaning" and also like to be spotlighted in my new magazine "Book Reviewers Roundtable"(This is a free promoting service) .... Also I will be accepting inquiries for my other show Shadow Realm if you are a band, or pagan and would like to spotlight your music or knowledge send all inquires to authors who submitted books for me to review the reviews will be posted on amazon, good reads,book reviewers roundtable magazine, words have meaning blog talk radio show and my personal blog. I'm not accepting anymore submission for reviews until march 15th. Genres are Romance- (historical, paranormal, erotica, bsdm,) Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Non-Fiction.... Thank you once again.

Daily thoughts and craziness...

After my first book I decided... No I know I could do better. This series has a story that needs to be told. If you're going to do something don't do it half ass... I've read and reread my words so for, it feels like it's coming more from me instead of so many outside influences. I know I have the potential to be an amazing writer and no I don't have a college degree in writing or anything of that nature, but I have determination, and imagination and spunk!!!!(Okay a lot of spunk) My writing just flows from my mind and I type it on the screen as it comes. Now of course grammar issues always arises, but hey I'm not perfect. I love what I have so far and I feel like this story is evolving into the story I dreamed of....Sigh...(Pausing for sentimental moment)... When I think of my characters my imagination is endless. So stay tune till next time.

Just another day, but with a silver lining...

Okay its been a while since I blog so let me get you up to speed. Not engaged anymore boo for me!!! I'm now focusing my time on my book reviews, e-magazines(Book Reviewers Roundtable and Bloggers haven), social networks(shadowrealm and Atlantian world), and writing. Speaking of writing I'm writing my first Fantasy/Sci-fi novel. The plot is built around and centered between two realms the new Avalon and Atlantis. So I hope it has a good reception when I'm done. The ups and downs have been a constant thing, but I look towards the future and see a big bright horizon out there. I have to say that reading some of my fellow authors writings have been a pleasure and some not so much, but I respect them none the less. Well I guess I've ranted enough for today and maybe I'll catch up with you guys later. MUAH!!!

Dipping a hand in the Fantasy and Science Fiction scene

I have decided to write a Sci-Fi/Fantasy it will be my first and I just wanted to know what you guys think of the synopsis so far. 

Forbidden Kingdom: The House of the Fire Dragons Book 1 of 3

"The year is 3036 and the time of awakening has come and past for the survivors of Avalon and Atlantis to remember who they are. They must take their place in the upcoming battle against the ones who now serve in power in government. The Government's only goal is for mankind to remain suffering under their rule. The Vatican has become more strict pushing away any thoughts of magic and myth. They all fear the winds of change and are working to discover the hidden children of the forbidden kingdoms.  Sending their minions out to seek and destroy them. The Kingdoms of the Dragons, Fey, and Witches must work together. Sending their most trusted warriors to bring the children of the new Avalon and Atlantis back from the mortal world so they can break the barrier known as the Prism of Light. The warriors set out to lift the magical mist that clouds the children minds of who they really are before their enemies can get to them. The first book is about the Fire Dragon Princess Skylar and her journey to find herself and become the most powerful Dragon Queen in all of the magical and non magical realms. I welcome you to new Avalon and new Atlantis."

Well it's a start hope I grabbed your attention...