Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its so hard to say goodbye to paperback!!!

Well the book industry just seems to be doing a ropeadope on sales(did I mention the economy sucks ass!!!). What I mean by that is what happen to the good old fashion paperbacks? I love paperbacks and yet here I am on my kindle with over 1000 books loaded to it. I'm such a traitor(No lets be realistic I have more room in my home without twenty bookshelves everywhere). I try to make my own books available for paperback and Kindle, but who am I kidding I prefer kindle. Where does that leave the paperback market? I'm just saying with all the freebies from Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords(In no way I'm complaining...) out there for kindle who needs paperbacks. Yes the paperback is a dying breed and the new technology has pushed it to relic status... Kindle books are more affordable(Okay some Authors of best seller status do keep their Kindle prices the same as their paperback... Not cool give us poor suffering readers a break would ya...If you haven't notice the economy sucks ass!!!) That leaves me to wonder is this the end for our paperback companions and will we be cuddled up to our heroines and heroes on our Kindles instead of a paperback book? Well its a new age of reading and writing, but have we forgotten about our humble beginnings into the worlds that comforted us and were written on paper? There has been change a coming in the world of printing, writing, sales and marketing. I guess its a situation of getting on the band wagon or fighting for the lone paperback. Well I like both, but I've noticed that there are less copies of my favorite authors in bookstores, but I see them everywhere for kindle. What a sad fate for the paperback(sigh) farewell my old friend.

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  1. Sad but true, this is a really interesting blog. I shall be following your many faces...lol.

    Carol x