Friday, June 22, 2012

Dominatrix's Kiss

Here is a very very short story of seduction and sure isn't for the sexually challenged(or aroused handicapped...I'm just saying)

Follow my lead as I seduce your eyes unleashing untapped desires. My fingertips trail my lips they are so plush and soft. Traveling down my neck, down my breast and your hands can only grip the armrest. You are at my mercy tied to the chair and only your eyes can embrace me. Do you see the fullness of my breast as I cup them and the pucker of my nipples as I arouse them? Do you wish your lips to suckle them? Traveling further down my stomach and caressing my skin lightly as I stare into your eyes. My hands touch my hips feeling all my womanly you see them? I turn so you can see my luscious ass as it ripples as I spank each wish to punish me...but all you can do is stare at me hungrily. Yes you want me, but you can't have me yet. I touch my inner thigh slowly reaching downward caressing my ankles and slowly I work my way back to my inner thighs. The closer I get to my heated wetness your breathing becomes rapid and your body hardens. The look of sexual distress creases your brows. I'm so wet do you wish to see? My gentle touch arouses me. I touch myself slowly and sensually the wetness glistens on my fingertips. Your moans of yearning are heard, but this is my own controlled world. Dipping into sweet nectar's bliss as you contain your lust in balled up fists. Wanting what you can't touch or have I do love being so bad. Slowly my fingers disappear inside as my burning desire come apart and back alive. I give you a show that leaves you throbbing for more and yet you sit watching helpless to my tease. My fingers hover over your lips and I move away as you open wide. You want a taste of me, but you will wait because you aren't ready for a Dominatrix kiss.

Now that's something you don't read about everyday.... Just a taste of the wickedness in the mind Shadowstorm Norwicca's mind...

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