Monday, June 11, 2012

Dipping a hand in the Fantasy and Science Fiction scene

I have decided to write a Sci-Fi/Fantasy it will be my first and I just wanted to know what you guys think of the synopsis so far. 

Forbidden Kingdom: The House of the Fire Dragons Book 1 of 3

"The year is 3036 and the time of awakening has come and past for the survivors of Avalon and Atlantis to remember who they are. They must take their place in the upcoming battle against the ones who now serve in power in government. The Government's only goal is for mankind to remain suffering under their rule. The Vatican has become more strict pushing away any thoughts of magic and myth. They all fear the winds of change and are working to discover the hidden children of the forbidden kingdoms.  Sending their minions out to seek and destroy them. The Kingdoms of the Dragons, Fey, and Witches must work together. Sending their most trusted warriors to bring the children of the new Avalon and Atlantis back from the mortal world so they can break the barrier known as the Prism of Light. The warriors set out to lift the magical mist that clouds the children minds of who they really are before their enemies can get to them. The first book is about the Fire Dragon Princess Skylar and her journey to find herself and become the most powerful Dragon Queen in all of the magical and non magical realms. I welcome you to new Avalon and new Atlantis."

Well it's a start hope I grabbed your attention...

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