Monday, January 21, 2013

Five Toads and along came a Viking

Sunny receives a unexpected invitation to her ten year high school reunion and being that she was considered an ugly duckling in high school and a geek. Now VP of a major pharmaceutics company and the most attractive woman in New York she still can't find happiness in the big city still holding on to teenage pains. Fearing that even though she has it all that she will not be considered quite the jet setter in the midst of her peers. So she uses her brains to come up with a list of the five boys in high school who tortured her teenage reality and dreams. With a plan in hand she is ready to face the pack of mindless cheerleaders, jocks, and hell everyone else... she hopes.

Reese was the loner in high school, but while all the guys were chasing the popular girls he was fixated on the one girl who had the brains and beauty that no one noticed except to make fun of. He has come a long way and now is ready to claim his dream girl at any cost. 

This maybe a reunion weekend to remember for them both or will it be one mistake after the other. 

Release Date: March 21, 2013

Forbidden Kingdom: The House of the Fire Dragons

Forbidden Kingdom: The House of the Fire Dragons.... Here is a brief synopsis:

The year is 3036 and the time of awakening has come and passed for the survivors of Avalon and Atlantis to remember who they are. They must take their place in the upcoming battle against the ones who now serve in power in government. The Government's only goal is for mankind to remain suffering under their rule. The Vatican has become more strict pushing away any thoughts of magic and myth. They all fear the winds of change and work to discover the hidden children of the forbidden kingdom. Sending their minions out to seek and destroy them. 

The Kingdoms of the Dragons, Fey, and Witches must work together. Sending their most trusted warriors to bring the children of the Avalon and Atlantis back from the mortal world so they can break the barrier known as the prism of light. The warriors set out to lift the magical mist that clouds the children minds of who they really are before their enemies can get to them. 

The first book is about the Fire Dragon Princess Skylar and her journey to find herself and become the most powerful Dragon Queen in all of magical and the non magical realms. I welcome you to new Avalon and new Atlantis.

Release Date February 25,2013 

Something different, but still with a magickal twist

The Journey of a Black Norwiccan is the story of Shannon Riley a ex army solider whose life has been full of heartache and disappointment. Every step has lead her to alot of painful eye opening truths about those who she thought were there for her(Family, Friends, Etc.,).  The lost of her son, remaining children, and her divorce of a wayward cheating husband sends her into a spiritual crisis with Christianity and herself. Blaming her faith for the death of her son and in the process losing herself in hate she finds that trying to destroy one faith leads her to a new life. Leaving Michigan on a soul searching journey she finds that religion isn't just about the offering plate and words there is more to this universe and she is just a small part of it. Arriving in North Carolina she tries to make a fresh start for herself and finds a bond with a different group of people. Witches... Brought up to think anything outside of Christianity was devil worshiping she finds a balance within herself and true friendship. Shannon releases her inner warrior and proves to the masses she is stronger than anyone thinks she is. Finding peace and forgiveness within the world of magick and allowing her heart to open a door into the mystical world of self discovery. A world that draws her in and sets her free to be the black Norwiccan she was meant to be.

The Journey of a Black Norwiccan is a book that touches on religion, gender, ethnicity  and discovery of ones self. This book will be available on Creataspace, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, all indie book retailers and amazon kindle US,UK,JP,ESP.  February 14, 2013 release date.

Monday, November 5, 2012

When is being different wrong... It's not ...

All eyes were on me as I entered the bank. Even the teller choose to frown as I stepped up saying hello, but instead of greeting me she just took my ID and cleared her throat. Shaking my head I just took care of my business. Walking down the aisle in the grocery store a women see my outfit, tattoos and piercings decides to walk up to me and explain how the bible says that your body is a temple. Next question had her saying she would pray for me after I answered. "Do you go to church or pray to be forgiven for your sins?" I smiled licking my lips so my tongue piercing showed at which she cringed in disgust. I chuckled. "No disrespect ma'am, but I am decorating my temple..." "Are you christian?" "No ma'am .. I am a Pagan..." "What is that I've never heard of that..." "I'm a  witch..." her eyes looked as though they were going to pop out. "and my church is nature. As far as asking for forgiveness I take responsibility for my own actions and don't waste my Gods time trying to wish my own mistakes away." she opened and closed her mouth. Finally on a breath she spoke. "Well I will pray for you because your devil worshiping will send you straight to hell... may God have mercy on you."  Shaking my head I walked off. 

"Hello I have an appointment with Ms. Storm" the receptionist asked a few questions and I sat down. I kept repeating the lords prayer and I knew I wasn't a young lady anymore, but you are never to old to get your degree. My mind drifted back to the young confuse woman in the grocery store. I looked around thinking how no one would ever hire someone who looked like that. "Ms. Tempest she will see you now please follow me." I just couldn't help admiring the decor and how people of all ages work for the web company. The rumor was that Ms. Storm had taken the web by pun intended... and had a hand in a little bit of everything. As I turned back around to watch where I was going we came to a set of overly large cherry oak doors. The assistant knocked and stuck her head in the door. When she stood straight she opened the door and told me to take a seat in front of the desk. I walked with confidence and knew the job was in the bag. As I sat down the leather chair from behind the oak desk turned from the window and what faced me was a nightmare. 
"Well this is a surprise..." it was her the woman from the store. I just gawk at her. "It would seem the cat has gotten your tongue this time around." I didn't know what to say here was the young lady from the store sitting in a business suit and looking very professional even with her eyebrow piercing. "You are Ms. Storm and you told me your a witch in the store."Ms. Storm wasn't speaking so I took that as for me to  continued.  "I mean...I...I..." I had heard enough and gestured for her to stop. I sat back in my seat and I just felt pity at that moment. "Look Ms. Tempest I'm not going to pretend your views are very close minded and maybe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover." I knew that I had lost my chance at the best damn job ever. "I know you probably hate me right now, but before you tell me to leave because I opened mouth and insert foot. I just never thought someone like you would be more than an average hoodlum." I had to wince once it came out my mouth and raised to leave. "Ms. Tempest even though you are correct that you speak with a close mind. I contacted you for your skill not your views." My eyes grew wide. "Are you still going to give me an interview after what I said and my views on your beliefs?" I tilted my head and looked at this woman. Unbelievable.... I gestured for her to take her seat again.

The moral of this story is when is being different wrong because the person you shun today maybe the one person to give or you may receive an act of kindness from.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something steamy and something with some sass

Well I've read two books that had different story basis, but both were excellent.  Blood Moon a paranormal romance that was steamy and good from front to back. Straight out of the University a romance from up and coming Indie author Rosen Trevithick that was comical, but opens your eyes to people delusional thoughts towards society.

Blood Moon(Moonstruck) by: Sliver James

Army Major Hannah Jackson is on mission with a pack of Alpha males that tend to turn furry at a whelm(no seriously). She has never been so frustrated in her life and so hungry...(I am not talking about food either) Sergeant Major Ian McIntire is very put off by having a officer tailing behind him, but even worst a woman. Every inch of her body sends his wolf into overdrive and the blood moon is creeping upon him and he knows sooner or later his beast will claim the one woman who can tame the savage beast. Being a hard ass is all Hannah knows and the constant pull to the man who seduces her dreams and body will either leave her fulfilled or in a world of mess if not both.

This was an exactly story full of action, laughter, and sexy wolves. A love story of a how one woman can make a man or wolf fall hard. I give this a five star on shadow sexy meter....

Straight out of the University by: Rosen Trevithick

Sophie Sweet is a post graduate psychology major that decided to comes home to Cornwall in hopes to reconnect with old friends (Who most defiantly have changed) After her relationships fell through with her other girlfriends she just needs a break to prepare to get her PhD. Sophie doesn't consider herself a Lesbian, but Bisexual and she doesn't think anyone can put a label on who you fall in love with.(If only the close minded wives of her hometown thought the same they would get along swimmingly...not!)She thinks they are close minded and stepford wives... no seriously(but sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover). Sophie has many insert foot into mouth moments especially with sexy John who has a laid back view on life. She tries to understand him (Okay she snoops), but his non aggressive do gooder ways wins her over.

This was an hilarious story that was an unexpected delight to read. I laughed so many times I couldn't keep it to myself. This most definitely was an awesome read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Five stars...

Midwest Bazaar and Witches Ball

This weekend I attended the Midwest Witches Ball and Bazaar in Warren, Michigan. Where do I start? 

The Bazaar was like walking into home. I was surrounded by unique items and spiritually like minded people. As I walked around it was hard to just stay at one table. Friendly Pagans gathered together selling items that were ranging from amazing to jaw dropping. I've been to many Pagan Bazaars and by far this was the best one. Talking with owners and listening to there stories behind the items they were selling fascinated me.  I wandered around for what seemed like hours always stopping just to feel the energy and love put into all the crafts displayed(also partaking in some Kitchen Witch sweet delights). Even though this was just the beginning of day before the Witches Ball I was already impressed. The vendors were well organized and polite. 

Earlier that day the Royalty House was beautiful, but when I returned that evening it was transformed into something elegant, magickal, and enchanting. The free flowing bar, the excellent cuisine and amazing music. It warmed my heart to see so many people partaking in the spiral dance. The outfits ranged from steampunk to fairies. I have to say it was an amazing event and can't wait for next year.

                           Shadowstorm Norwicca

Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing trends and Author Spotlight Alan Dale

I've noticed the trend in writing styles mainly in part from book stores and kindle books. There's a lot of writing that revolves around Medieval, Apocalyptic, time travel, and shape shifting. The books of late that I've read have been based on this type of writing. Now don't get me wrong I'm still a fan of paranormal romance, erotica, and sci-fi/fantasy, but that being said there are some up and coming authors who have caught my eye.

Alan Dale is one of those authors with his DNA(Dead Nation Army) trilogy... 

Set in the future and the world is now ruled by the New World Order. The elitist of the government (the most wealthy... you know the saying money is the root of all evil...) now reside in Utopia waiting for the lower classes to die off...(Really... now that hurts...) using a virus that has turned some humans into blood thirsty, hungry, savages and now giving the New World Order the army(Scrats) and the means to get rid of the population they consider a plague on there way of life(Yes eating flesh keeps them happy and without it they die... Can you say damn....) Now the humans struggle to survive and band together to form the DNA(Dead Army Nation) to aid those trapped in Survivor Communities. 

This particular book focuses on two siblings torn apart by the rise of the New World Order and are fighting in this war, but for which side? (That's the question) The Order plans are to kill and destroy anyone outside of there Utopia.

The trilogy starts off with Code Flesh and introduces you to the chaos that now is a way of life. I can say I truly enjoyed reading code flesh as well as Dead Nations Army.... I give it a five star rating on the Shadow Realm meter.!/ADaleandDNAARMY