Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Thor and Medusa snakes...Geesh!

Revision hell.... I'm in a nightmare I tell you and the fact I revised my first book nine times till it was good enough for me just call me a little ocd okay can't help it. Oh Please!!!!  A bad review makes me want to work harder(As if it wouldn't put you on edge) and believe me I will with every book coming out of my series. My goal is to be like Nora Roberts and have books come out back to back to back. My first book may go through revisions(Rolling my eyes...Hell has no fury like an grammatically incorrect book),  but I rather have two mistakes rather than 10,000...(For the love of Hera could it get any worst? Of course it can... Where the hell is my coffeee...) So I hope you all keep up with me and welcome to my journey as a new author...

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