Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something steamy and something with some sass

Well I've read two books that had different story basis, but both were excellent.  Blood Moon a paranormal romance that was steamy and good from front to back. Straight out of the University a romance from up and coming Indie author Rosen Trevithick that was comical, but opens your eyes to people delusional thoughts towards society.

Blood Moon(Moonstruck) by: Sliver James

Army Major Hannah Jackson is on mission with a pack of Alpha males that tend to turn furry at a whelm(no seriously). She has never been so frustrated in her life and so hungry...(I am not talking about food either) Sergeant Major Ian McIntire is very put off by having a officer tailing behind him, but even worst a woman. Every inch of her body sends his wolf into overdrive and the blood moon is creeping upon him and he knows sooner or later his beast will claim the one woman who can tame the savage beast. Being a hard ass is all Hannah knows and the constant pull to the man who seduces her dreams and body will either leave her fulfilled or in a world of mess if not both.

This was an exactly story full of action, laughter, and sexy wolves. A love story of a how one woman can make a man or wolf fall hard. I give this a five star on shadow sexy meter....

Straight out of the University by: Rosen Trevithick

Sophie Sweet is a post graduate psychology major that decided to comes home to Cornwall in hopes to reconnect with old friends (Who most defiantly have changed) After her relationships fell through with her other girlfriends she just needs a break to prepare to get her PhD. Sophie doesn't consider herself a Lesbian, but Bisexual and she doesn't think anyone can put a label on who you fall in love with.(If only the close minded wives of her hometown thought the same they would get along swimmingly...not!)She thinks they are close minded and stepford wives... no seriously(but sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover). Sophie has many insert foot into mouth moments especially with sexy John who has a laid back view on life. She tries to understand him (Okay she snoops), but his non aggressive do gooder ways wins her over.

This was an hilarious story that was an unexpected delight to read. I laughed so many times I couldn't keep it to myself. This most definitely was an awesome read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Five stars...

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