Monday, January 21, 2013

Five Toads and along came a Viking

Sunny receives a unexpected invitation to her ten year high school reunion and being that she was considered an ugly duckling in high school and a geek. Now VP of a major pharmaceutics company and the most attractive woman in New York she still can't find happiness in the big city still holding on to teenage pains. Fearing that even though she has it all that she will not be considered quite the jet setter in the midst of her peers. So she uses her brains to come up with a list of the five boys in high school who tortured her teenage reality and dreams. With a plan in hand she is ready to face the pack of mindless cheerleaders, jocks, and hell everyone else... she hopes.

Reese was the loner in high school, but while all the guys were chasing the popular girls he was fixated on the one girl who had the brains and beauty that no one noticed except to make fun of. He has come a long way and now is ready to claim his dream girl at any cost. 

This maybe a reunion weekend to remember for them both or will it be one mistake after the other. 

Release Date: March 21, 2013

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