Monday, January 21, 2013

Something different, but still with a magickal twist

The Journey of a Black Norwiccan is the story of Shannon Riley a ex army solider whose life has been full of heartache and disappointment. Every step has lead her to alot of painful eye opening truths about those who she thought were there for her(Family, Friends, Etc.,).  The lost of her son, remaining children, and her divorce of a wayward cheating husband sends her into a spiritual crisis with Christianity and herself. Blaming her faith for the death of her son and in the process losing herself in hate she finds that trying to destroy one faith leads her to a new life. Leaving Michigan on a soul searching journey she finds that religion isn't just about the offering plate and words there is more to this universe and she is just a small part of it. Arriving in North Carolina she tries to make a fresh start for herself and finds a bond with a different group of people. Witches... Brought up to think anything outside of Christianity was devil worshiping she finds a balance within herself and true friendship. Shannon releases her inner warrior and proves to the masses she is stronger than anyone thinks she is. Finding peace and forgiveness within the world of magick and allowing her heart to open a door into the mystical world of self discovery. A world that draws her in and sets her free to be the black Norwiccan she was meant to be.

The Journey of a Black Norwiccan is a book that touches on religion, gender, ethnicity  and discovery of ones self. This book will be available on Creataspace, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, all indie book retailers and amazon kindle US,UK,JP,ESP.  February 14, 2013 release date.

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