Monday, November 5, 2012

When is being different wrong... It's not ...

All eyes were on me as I entered the bank. Even the teller choose to frown as I stepped up saying hello, but instead of greeting me she just took my ID and cleared her throat. Shaking my head I just took care of my business. Walking down the aisle in the grocery store a women see my outfit, tattoos and piercings decides to walk up to me and explain how the bible says that your body is a temple. Next question had her saying she would pray for me after I answered. "Do you go to church or pray to be forgiven for your sins?" I smiled licking my lips so my tongue piercing showed at which she cringed in disgust. I chuckled. "No disrespect ma'am, but I am decorating my temple..." "Are you christian?" "No ma'am .. I am a Pagan..." "What is that I've never heard of that..." "I'm a  witch..." her eyes looked as though they were going to pop out. "and my church is nature. As far as asking for forgiveness I take responsibility for my own actions and don't waste my Gods time trying to wish my own mistakes away." she opened and closed her mouth. Finally on a breath she spoke. "Well I will pray for you because your devil worshiping will send you straight to hell... may God have mercy on you."  Shaking my head I walked off. 

"Hello I have an appointment with Ms. Storm" the receptionist asked a few questions and I sat down. I kept repeating the lords prayer and I knew I wasn't a young lady anymore, but you are never to old to get your degree. My mind drifted back to the young confuse woman in the grocery store. I looked around thinking how no one would ever hire someone who looked like that. "Ms. Tempest she will see you now please follow me." I just couldn't help admiring the decor and how people of all ages work for the web company. The rumor was that Ms. Storm had taken the web by pun intended... and had a hand in a little bit of everything. As I turned back around to watch where I was going we came to a set of overly large cherry oak doors. The assistant knocked and stuck her head in the door. When she stood straight she opened the door and told me to take a seat in front of the desk. I walked with confidence and knew the job was in the bag. As I sat down the leather chair from behind the oak desk turned from the window and what faced me was a nightmare. 
"Well this is a surprise..." it was her the woman from the store. I just gawk at her. "It would seem the cat has gotten your tongue this time around." I didn't know what to say here was the young lady from the store sitting in a business suit and looking very professional even with her eyebrow piercing. "You are Ms. Storm and you told me your a witch in the store."Ms. Storm wasn't speaking so I took that as for me to  continued.  "I mean...I...I..." I had heard enough and gestured for her to stop. I sat back in my seat and I just felt pity at that moment. "Look Ms. Tempest I'm not going to pretend your views are very close minded and maybe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover." I knew that I had lost my chance at the best damn job ever. "I know you probably hate me right now, but before you tell me to leave because I opened mouth and insert foot. I just never thought someone like you would be more than an average hoodlum." I had to wince once it came out my mouth and raised to leave. "Ms. Tempest even though you are correct that you speak with a close mind. I contacted you for your skill not your views." My eyes grew wide. "Are you still going to give me an interview after what I said and my views on your beliefs?" I tilted my head and looked at this woman. Unbelievable.... I gestured for her to take her seat again.

The moral of this story is when is being different wrong because the person you shun today maybe the one person to give or you may receive an act of kindness from.

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