Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing trends and Author Spotlight Alan Dale

I've noticed the trend in writing styles mainly in part from book stores and kindle books. There's a lot of writing that revolves around Medieval, Apocalyptic, time travel, and shape shifting. The books of late that I've read have been based on this type of writing. Now don't get me wrong I'm still a fan of paranormal romance, erotica, and sci-fi/fantasy, but that being said there are some up and coming authors who have caught my eye.

Alan Dale is one of those authors with his DNA(Dead Nation Army) trilogy... 

Set in the future and the world is now ruled by the New World Order. The elitist of the government (the most wealthy... you know the saying money is the root of all evil...) now reside in Utopia waiting for the lower classes to die off...(Really... now that hurts...) using a virus that has turned some humans into blood thirsty, hungry, savages and now giving the New World Order the army(Scrats) and the means to get rid of the population they consider a plague on there way of life(Yes eating flesh keeps them happy and without it they die... Can you say damn....) Now the humans struggle to survive and band together to form the DNA(Dead Army Nation) to aid those trapped in Survivor Communities. 

This particular book focuses on two siblings torn apart by the rise of the New World Order and are fighting in this war, but for which side? (That's the question) The Order plans are to kill and destroy anyone outside of there Utopia.

The trilogy starts off with Code Flesh and introduces you to the chaos that now is a way of life. I can say I truly enjoyed reading code flesh as well as Dead Nations Army.... I give it a five star rating on the Shadow Realm meter.!/ADaleandDNAARMY

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